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2018 Annual Report

2018 was a very productive year for the Power and the Honor Foundation and this has carried over into the first half of 2019, as well. As a public charity, we would like to continue to share our successes and highlight some of the projects that we currently have in progress.

The Foundation’s collaboration with Super7 has allowed us to not only share some amazing Masters of the Universe (MOTU) and Princess of Power (POP) history but also create some new pieces that have direct ties to the original MOTU and POP artists and designers.

The Super7 Vintage Style Figures allowed the Foundation to work with vintage MOTU packaging artist Errol McCarthy to bring a touch of nostalgia to this retro line of figures. The project allowed us to work with many other talented artists including Marco Failla, Adam Moore, Luciano Regazzoni, and Emanuela Lupacchino. Emiliano Santalucia, in addition to providing art direction and layouts on all the cards, created the cross-sell art and colored all the artwork.

This project also allowed us to participate in bringing two of the most anticipated vintage MOTU figures to life. He-Ro and Eldor had only been hinted at previously, appearing in a few promotional pictures and images at the end of the vintage line. We not only created artwork — recreating vintage-style Power of Grayskull logo cards and producing mini-catalogs that share the history behind each figure, from concept designs to prototypes — but this time we also helped design the figures, providing retro engineering for the accessories.

Although not officially released in 2019, Super7 continued to sell our first print by vintage MOTU/POP artist Earl Norem, “The Sunbird Legacy.” We also received approval for and produced two more Earl Norem prints that were released at Dragon Con in early 2019: “Secrets of the Dragon’s Egg” and “Power from the Sky.”

The Foundation was able to supply Mad Duck Posters with high resolution images for their line of officially licensed MOTU/POP posters. To date, they have released several posters of images archived and restored by the Foundation.

In all, the Foundation took in approximately $20,700 from donations, commissions, and sales. Our expenses for the year exceeded $11,800, with our largest expenses being licensing and purchasing images from artists, the cost of producing the Earl Norem prints, and our storage facility fees.

Looking at 2019 and beyond, we are pursuing the following initiatives to ensure a long and prosperous future for the Foundation, the historic artwork we preserve, and the community of our fellow MOTU and POP fans.

We are a Foundation and rely on our volunteers and officers donating their time. We recently took a step to create a more formal Members of the Foundation group to drive fan participation. This is a small step that not only enhances our ability to fulfill the Foundation’s mission today but also will lead to new opportunities for expansion and fan inclusion going forward.

While we have not officially announced any future projects, we feel it is important to let our supporters know that we are continuing to archive, preserve, and share the history of MOTU and POP. The projects listed below are not being officially announced here. Some are in development stages pending approval and others are only early concepts, but we wanted to share with you where our resources and attention are currently focused so that you can be as excited about the future as we are.

  • Toy Variants Guide Book
  • Art of Toy Design Book
  • Los Amos Guide Book
  • Merchandise Database
  • Earl Norem Prints
  • Additional Portfolios

We look forward to another year of working hard to preserve and share the legacy of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and we thank all of you for your continued support.



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Temporary layout – pending approval