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The Castle Moat™… 31 years later

Moat use

A true legend among He-Man fans, the original Castle Moat™ by Mark Taylor is here! The Power and The Honor Foundation is proud to present the missing piece of art created by Mark Taylor for Castle Grayskull over 31 years ago. We are giving Masters of the Universe fans the chance to add it to both their vintage playset or their brand new MOTUC Castle Grayskull.

When designing the original castle, Mark Taylor pitched the idea of a cardboard moat to be placed under the playset itself. The idea was not even considered as “it wouldn’t help sales and would be hard to package”.

The original image (inks and color on paper) seems to have been lost forever. Fortunately, The Foundation was able to rescue a small black and white photocopy of Mark’s original artwork. Working off old reference photos, Emiliano Santalucia enlarged the photocopy and recolored it trying to stay as faithful to the original as he could.

The restored image is presented here for the first time.

Castle Moat_promo

If you want to own an actual copy of the Castle Moat™, head over to our cloud digital archive on Photoshelter, where you can purchase a print that will fit the vintage playset or the Classics one.

The Castle Moat™ was created by Mark Taylor at his studio at home and it is not an official part of the Masters of the Universe brand. Mark Taylor has fully authorized The Power and The Honor Foundation to create and distribute this reproduction.

The Castle Moat™ is available as a large quality print, with matte or glossy finish or as canvas (not wrapped). The Moat is printed and shipped through an automated on-demand service.

The Vintage Size print price is $45 and is printed on a 30″ x 40″ high quality paper sheet; or 30″ x 40″ canvas for $125.
The Classic Size print price is $86 and is printed on TWO 30″ x 40″ high quality paper sheets; or TWO 30″ x 40″ canvases for $230.
*Make sure you add both halves of the Classic Size to your image package on Photoshelter.
**The Castle Moat™ IS NOT custom cut; the canvas is not wrapped and comes with extra border by default, you may need to cut the halves in the overlapping side.

Please note: this is an On-Demand service. Each print is made to order.

Shipping starts at $5.95; international shipping is available (VAT may apply to certain countries).
Both prints and canvas will ship rolled.

Click here to order your Castle Moat™

Prices cover actual printing costs through Photoshelter’s vendors and proceeds from the prints will help The Foundation with legal fees and archival and storage expenses.