2018 Annual Report

2018 was a very productive year for the Power and the Honor Foundation and this has carried over into the first half of 2019, as well. As a public charity, we would like to continue to share our successes and highlight some of the projects that we currently have in progress.

The Foundation’s collaboration with Super7 has allowed us to not only share some amazing Masters of the Universe (MOTU) and Princess of Power (POP) history but also create some new pieces that have direct ties to the original MOTU and POP artists and designers.

The Super7 Vintage Style Figures allowed the Foundation to work with vintage MOTU packaging artist Errol McCarthy to bring a touch of nostalgia to this retro line of figures. The project allowed us to work with many other talented artists including Marco Failla, Adam Moore, Luciano Regazzoni, and Emanuela Lupacchino. Emiliano Santalucia, in addition to providing art direction and layouts on all the cards, created the cross-sell art and colored all the artwork.

This project also allowed us to participate in bringing two of the most anticipated vintage MOTU figures to life. He-Ro and Eldor had only been hinted at previously, appearing in a few promotional pictures and images at the end of the vintage line. We not only created artwork — recreating vintage-style Power of Grayskull logo cards and producing mini-catalogs that share the history behind each figure, from concept designs to prototypes — but this time we also helped design the figures, providing retro engineering for the accessories.

Although not officially released in 2019, Super7 continued to sell our first print by vintage MOTU/POP artist Earl Norem, “The Sunbird Legacy.” We also received approval for and produced two more Earl Norem prints that were released at Dragon Con in early 2019: “Secrets of the Dragon’s Egg” and “Power from the Sky.”

The Foundation was able to supply Mad Duck Posters with high resolution images for their line of officially licensed MOTU/POP posters. To date, they have released several posters of images archived and restored by the Foundation.

In all, the Foundation took in approximately $20,700 from donations, commissions, and sales. Our expenses for the year exceeded $11,800, with our largest expenses being licensing and purchasing images from artists, the cost of producing the Earl Norem prints, and our storage facility fees.

Looking at 2019 and beyond, we are pursuing the following initiatives to ensure a long and prosperous future for the Foundation, the historic artwork we preserve, and the community of our fellow MOTU and POP fans.

We are a Foundation and rely on our volunteers and officers donating their time. We recently took a step to create a more formal Members of the Foundation group to drive fan participation. This is a small step that not only enhances our ability to fulfill the Foundation’s mission today but also will lead to new opportunities for expansion and fan inclusion going forward.

While we have not officially announced any future projects, we feel it is important to let our supporters know that we are continuing to archive, preserve, and share the history of MOTU and POP. The projects listed below are not being officially announced here. Some are in development stages pending approval and others are only early concepts, but we wanted to share with you where our resources and attention are currently focused so that you can be as excited about the future as we are.

  • Toy Variants Guide Book
  • Art of Toy Design Book
  • Los Amos Guide Book
  • Merchandise Database
  • Earl Norem Prints
  • Additional Portfolios

We look forward to another year of working hard to preserve and share the legacy of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and we thank all of you for your continued support.



Temporary cover – pending approval

Temporary layout – pending approval

Temporary layout – pending approval

Roberto Verdugo and his legacy at MABAMEX

MABAMEX (Mattel Baja California Mexico) was the principal manufacturer of Mattel USA in the 80’s in Mexico. This company (which still exists), is located in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. MABAMEX manufactured many toy lines such as Barbie, See ‘N Say, Hot Wheels and of course figures and vehicles for the Masters of the Universe toy line, even though those were only destined for the United States market and were not actually sold within Mexico.

Roberto Verdugo is originally from Sinaloa and studied in Guadalajara, Jalisco where he spent some time working in the shoe industry. In 1980 he moved to Tijuana to look for work and found MABAMEX, dedicating 15 years of his life to working for that company. He began as a production engineer in charge of receiving assembly material and shipping to the distribution centers in the United States.
Mr. Verdugo was kind enough to dedicate a few hours to the foundation to discuss a bit about his work at MABAMEX in the 80’s.
With the launch of production on the Masters of the Universe line in 1982, Mattel USA decided to include MABAMEX as part of this new project. During the first few months, the company only handled painting, assembly, and packaging of the product since the injection process was being done in China and then sent to MABAMEX as MABAMEX did not have the molds for the plastic injection process.
After making some adjustments to manufacture their own molds (tooling), MABAMEX invested in over 100 plastic injection machines for mass manufacturing, thus completing the toy-making process in house from the injection to packaging and delivery. However, the printing for the packages and the comics was still being done in the United States.
Mr. Verdugo told us that when a new product arrived for production, he always took the first samples off the line to his children so they could play with them. These pieces are now a treasure for collectors as the figures can be slightly different than the common production figures due to color and paint variations or even mold defects.

Mr. Verdugo also told us that the Masters of the Universe line has been one of the most successful from Mattel as he remembers having seen literally millions of figures in his hands. He knew it was the product of successful sales. After a rewarding participation in the manufacturing process for MABAMEX, he spent his last two years in the corporate offices of Segundo California where he ended his career with Mattel in 1994.

Art Prints portfolio by Errol McCarthy debuting at New York Comic Con

Who doesn’t remember the original cardback artwork from the vintage Masters of the Universe action figures?
Following the success of their first prints portfolio, Super7 and The Power and The Honor Foundation are pleased to present this exclusive collection of 10 high quality prints featuring the amazing illustrations from the original cardbacks by Errol McCarthy in a custom portfolio case.

Each print is an oversized reproduction of Errol McCarthy’s artwork in in beautiful and faithful remastered colors.
Worthy of framing as a centerpiece of your vintage collection, the prints measure 11″ by 17″.
Prints include cardbacks illustrations from
Beast Man

Limited and available first at the Super7, booth #126 at NYCC, October 6-9 for $65.00
The first 100 customers will receive a postcard hand signed by Errol McCarthy himself.

Art Prints portfolio by Mark Taylor debuting at San Diego Comic Con

They do exist!  Mark Taylor’s original 1981 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe B-Sheet character artwork!

Super7 and The Power and The Honor Foundation have collaborated to bring you the most important images from your favorite 1980’s toy line.  This exclusive 11 art print portfolio features amazing color images by Mark Taylor in a custom portfolio case.

Each print is a a huge 11″ by 17″ and worthy of framing.
Prints include:

Beast Man
Battle Cat
Castle Grayskull

Limited to 250 pieces and available at Skeletor’s Lair at SDCC July 20-24 for $49.99.

Meet Mark Taylor himself at Skeletor’s Lair at 3pm Saturday July 23 and get your portfolio signed.

Skeletor’s Lair is located at the corner of 8th Avenue & G
Downtown San Diego, California.

Check out Super7 website and Super7 Facebook page for more news and information

Errol McCarthy artwork gallery

Back in 2012, The Power and The Honor Foundation’s Emiliano and Josh were able to find out about Errol McCarthy’s involvement with the Masters of the Universe line. Until that time, the name of the most prolific MOTU artist was completely unknown to the fan community. Thanks to Errol’s incredible kindness, we got to meet him, interview him and scan all the original artwork he still owned and that we later purchased.

We’re very proud to present a giant gallery of the artwork Errol created for Masters of the Universe currently in our collection, along with some cool extras, for Big Jim, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other brands.

You can check out the gallery here or using the link on the menu on the right.

You can also read our original article about Errol here.

Super7 Masters of the Universe retro Action figures in classic colors

Super7 has shared with The Power and The Honor Foundation pictures of their incredible line of Masters of the Universe 3.75″ figures in classic colors and with new amazing box art by Jason Edmiston!
The figures will be available for preorder next week on the Super7 Store and they will ship in April.
Thanks to Brian Flynn and the Super7 team for letting us break the news on those awesome figures.

Alfonso Rojo and the Production of Vintage MOTU in Mexico

In Mexico, the production of the Masters of the Universe figures was done by Aurimat, which was the union of Auriga and Mattel.  This production began late in 1984 and ended in 1986 with only 28 figures, 2 beasts, 2 playsets, and 11 vehicles produced, according to Alfonso Rojo, who worked for Aurimat (Mattel) from 1981 to 1988.  He began with a simple cleaning job at the company and ended his career 7 years later as a very valued employee of the company.

Mr. Alfonso Rojas

Mr. Rojo remembers vividly every detail of his years at the company.  He was mainly in charge of the assembly process for Hot Wheels, Barbie, and Masters of the Universe.  He has many memories of that time, in particular he remembers when the figures came to Mexico for the first time and he was in charge of creating the blister packaging for the figures, but the idea was dropped when they discussed that there would be too much damage during transportation and decided instead to create a box for increased protection. This is how the very unique Los Amos boxes for the vintage figures came about.

In 1985, Mr. Rojo was sent to Mattel in Los Angeles to take a course on Electroform to be able to make the masks for the paint of the figures.  He did this successfully, bringing to Mexico the best technique for detailed painting of toys.  He explains:

So the mask process is the following…

The molding department sends the wax piece of cast for electroform, once that is received it is prepared with a silver liquid for conductivity. That is placed in a nickel tank with a predetermined current, that is how the electroform process is started. The thickness of the plated with platinum is determined by the amount of time the piece is in the solution and the quantity of current applied to the solution.

The thickness of the plated with platinum usually is determined by the person who makes the masks. If the time is longer, the platinum is thicker and that makes the mask less flexible.

Paint Mask Instruction Sheet

Once the electroform is formed, it is taken from the tank, cut in half and the wax or cast is taken. It is important to remove it completely so that the welding adheres easily to the plates.
Unpainted Prototype
The preparation of the plates is the following… The electroform already cut in half is put on a plate to welding, the exterior form is drawn and after it is cut with a fine saw leaving the form of the mask on the other half. Once that is cut, the mask is welding to the plate.

Once this is done, it is taken to the final detail of the mask which determines where the paint will show (with the paint master) and a hole is made in the mask with a razor half way through the design and a fine saw cuts. Once the form is cut, the nickel residue is removed with a fine sandpaper. When the mask is done, a paint test is done on one of the articles and sent for approval.
Mr. Rojos and Luis Villagomez
Mr. Rojo stands out not only because of his detailed memories from his work on this toy line, but also for his humility and warmth.  For this reason, The Power and The Honor Foundation recognizes and thanks Mr. Rojo for sharing his time and information.

Thank you very much, Mr. Rojo.

Welcome to the Foundation’s new member: Luis Villagomez

The Power and The Honor Foundation is very happy to announce its new member: Luis Villagomez.
Luis is a Mexican-based tattoo artist, pop culture collectibles dealer and long-time collector of toys and toy prototypes. Luis started collecting Star Wars memorabilia in 1994 and over the years has come to focus primarily on toy prototypes and pre-production material from a variety of toylines produced the 1970s and 80s, as well as items from his native Mexico. Despite his broad interest in many toy lines, Luis’s primary love is for the Masters of the Universe line produced by Mattel. He has curated one of the most impressive collections of Masters of the Universe prototypes in the world and is actively engaged in preserving the stories, art, and history that went into creating what is, arguably, one of the greatest toylines ever produced.

Luis Villagomez

The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Limited Edition book

Want to have a better look at the Limited Edition Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe book, including the exclusive print by Gerald Parel?

Dark Horse provided us some big photographs of the book, showing the amazing Castle Grayskull two pieces slipcase which includes art by PAH Foundation member Emiliano Santalucia!

You can order the Art of He-Man and The Masters of The Universe Limited Edition book from Amazon by Clicking here:
The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Limited Edition

You can order the Art of He-Man and The Masters of The Universe book from Amazon by Clicking here:
Art of He Man and the Masters of the Universe


The Power and The Honor Foundation collaborates with Dark Horse on The Art of The Masters of the Universe Book

website-AHMMOTUcoverThe Power and The Honor Foundation is thrilled to announce their collaboration with Dark Horse Comics on the upcoming The Art of He-Man and Masters of the Universe book.

Over the past few years, The Foundation has continued to source, research, and archive materials relating to both Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power, in the hope that one day we could work alongside Mattel, Dark Horse, and Dreamworks.

The Foundation has always believed that a collaboration with the brand owners, through printed medium, would be the best way to present this artwork to the fans. For this reason, we have not been able to share a great deal from our expansive archives, as we feel that simply putting these images on a website would not honor the history that enriches each and every one of these pieces.

When we were presented with the chance of working on Dark Horse’s Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe we recognized it as the perfect outlet for a percentage of this material.

In the past few months, The Foundation team has donated its time and has worked with Dark Horse providing consulting on the history of the brand and the plethora of content contained within the book. The Foundation has shared over 200 images from our archives, covering numerous sections of the book and, where possible, higher quality versions of some of the art already in the book, aiming for the best overall quality possible.

In addition to our consulting duties, James Eatock has curated the Filmation section, and Emiliano Santalucia carefully restored many Earl Norem pieces, originally featured in the MOTU magazine as posters.

The book will also feature an interview with The Foundation’s members.

We want to take the time to say a big thank you to all of the fans that have supported The Power and The Honor Foundation since its beginnings; especially those of you that strongly desired a collaboration with Dark Horse. We want to extend our appreciation to Dark Horse, Mattel, and Dreamworks for allowing our team to contribute to this wonderful project. We look forward to future collaborations, in the hope that we can bring the entirety of our collection to the fans!

Read the original article on io9
Read the Dark Horse press release about the book

You can order the Art of He-Man and The Masters of The Universe book from Amazon by Clicking here:
Art of He Man and the Masters of the Universe

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